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Dunwoody High School Cross Country
Banquet Poem

This poem was read at the 2002 Dunwoody Cross Country Banquet


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Ode to Dunwoody Cross Country

By Janis Gordon


We're here to eat some dinner, to laugh and make some noise

We're also here to honor our cross-country girls and boys.

They ran their hearts out every day, the practices were rough.

And they'd have gone to states if our region was not so tough.

There's Tyler Rosebush, we have to keep tabs on where he goes

Cuz every place he visits he leaves portions of his clothes.

There's Alex Adcox, on his bike or feet he will arrive

Yes everybody knows that he is still too young to drive.

There's Jeff Williams, always running off to model United Nation

And Andy Knorr joins the group when he's not tied up with Playstation.

There's Brandon Cox with broken bones, he won't give up or lose

Thank goodness Shauna's always there to tie poor Brandon's shoes.

And Duncan Hamilton tries to beat Brandon in every race

Cause if he wins his Dad takes him to Outback for great steaks.

Matt Borenstein, the NASCAR fan, he'd rather drive a car

While Ross Gamble tries to find a way to run with his guitar.

Theres Andre Abamonte who is always always tardy

He rushed so fast from Clemson, he forgot his resident cardy

Theres our fast guy, James Chappell, who likes basketball and chess

And on Coach Bass video, James looked gorgeous in a dress.

Derek Buchner plays mean soccer, and plays a piano ballad

But the weirdest thing about him is that at McDonalds he orders salad

Now Arthur Brannan knows it all, hes impossible to teach

But now hes learned in Florida its illegal to "moon" a beach.

Everyone loves Gray Mitchell, hes as funny as can be

But you better not bother him when The Simpsons are on TV.

Theres Daniel Brannan, a sneaky guy, who loves to eat his pasta.

And Kevin Maki transferred here, from the Milton High School rosta

There David Konter, the fastest freshman, whether he runs or walks

But no one understands a word he says when "Mumbles" talks

Jonathon West loves to swing dance, he is awesome with his feet.

While Ty Alexander wore his fathers running shirt to a meet.

Kevin Perkins couldnt practice on Saturday mornings, so he said.

Its not due to religion, he just likes to stay in bed.

Joseph Porchea thought the season was over, no more did he train.

Then at Regions he ran his fastest time, his resting was our gain.

Chad Gazzola loves hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, all sports

Were glad he ran cross country cause he looks so cute in shorts.

And speaking of cute, everyone just loved Chappells and Buchners curls

But now its time to move away, from the boys team to the girls.


Elisabeth Schnurr cant wait to drive, and swimming she does like

And Lauren Griffin cannot wait to get back on her bike

Jennifer Hanson hates her lips, big pouty lips she craves

It doesnt take much to please Lauren Hearn, just some sushi and the Braves

Beth Rosners our meteorologist, she seems to never tire

She knows each plot from Dawsons Creek, and each line from "Jerry Maguire."

Now Caitybug Campbell, the youngest of nine, in sports she had it made

She was fine playing basketball, soccer, and running, but got hurt in the Homecoming Parade.

Lauren Farrar just loves her team, and loves to watch "Trading Spaces."

But her favorite thing is always having bagels at the races.

Jennifer Clarks a senior, seeing the water lady made her smile

And at Carrollton she was in first place, for almost half a mile.

A great addition to the team is Evas close friend, Rebecca

Shes been to Costa Rica and China; she really loves to trekka.

Theres Sara Levy who wears one sock low and one sock high.

And Susan Sloan who guarantees next year shes going to fly.

Theres Laura Smith who runs with her head tilted to the side

And Kaycee Caruso who didnt want to run, so she would hide.

Shari Hauk made varsity, she was coming along well.

Until her shins were injured when the Dunwoody girls team fell.

Erica Rickles hangs with Liz Zimmerman, they were joined at the hip.

But luckily Erica wasnt with Liz in the room, on that Clemson trip.

And lets not forget Jenna Betz, the redhead on the go.

She does the meanest breakdance that this team will ever know.

Now what can we say about Eva, and all the records that she set.

We hope shell choose a school with the biggest scholarship she can get.

But Eva wouldnt be where she is, as graduation approaches

Without the support of her teammates and friends, and the expertise of her coaches.

Coach Bracco always cheered them on, he made them have the will.

And when they got tired, Coach told them there was no more Carrollton hill.

With guidance from Coaches Bracco and Brent, their success could not diminish.

But now that its over, Brent, please tell that joke youd never finish.

We thank Ms. West for always having extra H2O.

And Shauna Cox for being the best team mom - way to go!

Dunwoody Cross Country had a great year, the improvements were quite stunning.

So everyone here should be very proud

Thank you Janis!