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Answers to questions commonly asked by parents

Q. How are far is a cross country race?
A. All varsity races are a 5K (3.1 miles)
Q. Who gets to run varsity, and who runs JV (junior varsity)?
A. In the DeKalb County races, at Druid Hills Middle School, aka. Shamrock Middle School, everyone can run varsity if they wish.  The JV race is 2 miles long, and if your runner does not feel they are ready for the full 3.1 miles, they can elect to run JV.
Q. Is it the same at the Invitationals?
A. No.  At the Invitationals (the Saturday races that we enter), only the fastest 10 boys and fastest 10 girls can run in the Varsity race. Everyone else will compete in the "Open" race, which is also 3.1 miles. At some of the Invitationals, we may only be able to enter 7 in the Varsity.  This information will be posted as it becomes available.
Q. What about County Championships and Regionals?
A.  The fastest 7 boys and girls will represent Dunwoody at the County Championships in October.  There is no JV or Open race that day.  At Regionals, again the fastest 7 boys and girls represent Dunwoody in the Varsity race, but there is an open race for everyone else to run in.
Q. Who qualifies for the State Championships?
A. The first six individuals to finish in the Varsity race at Regionals qualify for State. The first four teams automatically qualify for State.
Q.  How is team scoring done?
A.  Team scoring involves adding the places of the first 5 runners from each school.  The object is to have the LOWEST score.  For example, if our first five runners finish 1, 4, 6, 10, and 11th, our team score is the sum of those places, or 32.
Q.  How often will we practice?
A.  Every day after school, unless something unusual occurs.  The coaches will have it announced over the PA system at school if practice has been canceled.
Q. Are uniforms mandatory?
A.  Yes, everyone needs a uniform in order to compete.
Q.  Should parents come to the meets?
A.  By all means, come to as many meets as you can!  It is more fun to watch than you think it's going to be.
Q.  How will the runners get to the meets?
A.  Coaches advise the runners before meets if transportation is provided.
Q.  What fees are involved in running cross country?
A.  There is a $100 Booster Club fee.  Uniforms are an additional charge.
Q.  Does the cross country team have any fund raisers?
A.  Yes, we have one very simple fund raiser:  a pine straw sale.  The runners will spend one practice later in the season delivering flyers to mailboxes around Dunwoody.  These flyers will also be distributed to the local elementary schools.  The pine straw will be delivered in early December.  This fund raiser involves little parental involvement...just thought that would make you breathe a bit easier. We don't do car washes, bake sales, or Wildcat card sales.
Q.  Is there an end-of-season banquet?
A.  Yes!  We are going to have a terrific banquet with great food, lots of awards, a slide show, and all the trimmings.  Our banquet committee is already hard at work.